Dr Alastair Jones is the founder of Cadence Leadership

“I would be delighted to have a conversation about your needs and any way that I can serve you, your business or your organisation. As a cyclist I have discovered we operate best at an optimum cadence or tempo that is balanced between our most intense work and more sustainable effort. Through our own self-awareness and training ourselves we know where the right cadence for each of us is. I am passionate about seeing individuals, teams and organisations fulfill their potential.Drawing on my extensive experience I wish to explore how I can support and add value to your amazing work. I have spent 20 years investing in individuals and their organisations to help them become the best they can be. The tempo we set as leaders shapes the organisations we lead and being able to manage shifts of gear appropriately impacts our performance and that of the teams we lead.”

Alastair working with a Group of Leaders

What Others Say

  • Rob Tumilty
    Deputy Director, Oxford CYM
    As an aspiring Chief Exec of a Christian Charity, I really appreciated the time Alastair spent with me talking through the diverse nature of the role and sharing some of his own learning along the way. He has a gentle, honest and encouraging approach that significantly helped me to prepare for a forthcoming interview. He even took the time to email and find out how it went!
  • Nichola Brown
    Former Workforce Development Officer and Membership Services Manager at the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services.
    I have always admired Alastair’s intelligence and passion for wanting the very best for young people. Due to witnessing his contributions to youth policy consultations and discussions; his role as our representative on an important committee (JNC); and his insightful comments and suggestions to our work, I have no doubt that he will provide excellent consultancy services. I will always be grateful for the support and contributions he made to the youth sector workforce development agenda across England.
  • Tim Elgar
    CEO Emerge, Avidity
    Alastair has inspired me, supported my leadership and personal development on a number of levels. He is a fantastic trainer and offers so much wisdom and insight, I cannot endorse his work enough. I can’t wait to work with him again in the future
  • Christopher Spriggs
    Founder, Lifespace Trust
    If you’re a leader facing pressures, whether with people, strategy or capacity development, and seeking a wise head and someone you can trust who will work at your tempo, then get Alastair – he’s a great asset to have in your network as a leader.