It has been said that the only way you know you are a leader is if you look back and you see people following. Effective leaders also make a difference evidenced by increased performance, motivation, and results in your organisation. “Everything rises and falls on leadership”, John C. Maxwell. Leading…


Leadership Teams

Often when executive leadership team or a senior management is growing, experiencing change or looking to develop new strategies, external providers can support the development of the team, facilitate a helpful process and help to enable high performance. A number of approaches are available to be developed and theories are…


Create & Innovate

In a rapidly changing world the ability to innovate in a creative way is crucial to the continuing success of any organisation. Lateral thinking and innovative processes can be developed and these enjoyable practical courses well help you and your team not only think outside the box but re-think what…


Digital Wellbeing

The average person in the UK checks their smart phone 221 times a day.   From Turing’s first computer in 1948 and Tim Berners-Lee conception of the early internet in 1989 our lives have changed dramatically and the way we relate to each other will most probably never be the…


Management Training

Often parallels are drawn that contrast a leadership style and a management style. Good management looks like leadership in many ways and a good leader can also manage people well. Alastair Jones’s scientific background makes him ideal working in the technical contexts of Science, Tech and Digital environments and his…


Executive Coaching

Having the right support around you, an opportunity to sandbox ideas or to have a sounding board at a time of growth or change is a tool that many executives have found to be highly significant in their leadership.   Cadence Leadership offers Executive Coaching from a baseline of 3rd…


Life Long Learning

Life Long Learning and Two-Way Leadership I was awful at playing football – talk to any of those poor people who have played against me. They found themselves displaying their exquisite skills against my inept hacking defending style that left most groundsmen champing at the bit to rush on with…