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Leadership Development for SME Business Leaders – Postponed Due to C-19

SME Leadership Series

Cadence Leadership is working in Manchester to deliver a series of 3 leadership courses each lasting a day to inspire SME business leaders to take the initiative in their roles.


Developing Millennial Workforce

Young Leaders Aren’t Just The Future Of Our Workforce – They Are The Present. There is nothing more exciting to me than untapped potential. A hidden resource that is yet to be fully realised is like a present under the tree at Christmas yet to be revealed. We may have a…


Values Driven Leadership

Values Driven Leaders Know Where Their Line In The Sand Is Recently a business I support had been contacted several times by a company that wished to represent them and market to their customers. The business owner has received numerous unsolicited emails and even phone calls telling them of a…


Your Magnetic North?

What Is Your Magnetic North? “The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.” Henry Kissinger This quote made me think about how we lead when we are going to a new place that neither we nor those we…


Life Long Learning

Life Long Learning and Two-Way Leadership I was awful at playing football – talk to any of those poor people who have played against me. They found themselves displaying their exquisite skills against my inept hacking defending style that left most groundsmen champing at the bit to rush on with…