The average person in the UK checks their smart phone 221 times a day.


From Turing’s first computer in 1948 and Tim Berners-Lee conception of the early internet in 1989 our lives have changed dramatically and the way we relate to each other will most probably never be the same again. How can we promote good ways of being a digital citizen that make the most of the opportunity while being aware of and therefore avoiding, where possible, some of its potential pitfalls?



Recent reports have highlighted that anxiety of online relationships and interactions can be significantly detrimental to the wellbeing of young people and those of all ages. Telling young people not to use social media is like preventing them from using the playground at school or going on the swings or slide at a park. Wellbeing in the digital sphere comes by learning positive ways of existing, behaving online and ultimately managing their freedom well.


This course explores ways in which parents, young people and adults can use the internet and their digital presence in a way that enhances their wellbeing. It will make a real impact in your school, workplace or community.