HR Help is at Hand For Small & Medium Businesses and Charities

Are you plagued as a small to medium business or charity by the number of excel sheets that you use to keep track of everything from your staff’s annual leave to budgets? While I was CEO of a charity one thing I knew as a leader was that we could do our HR processes far better. Things like booking annual leave, updating absences and the time consuming process of managing our staff records, which even though the office team worked really hard at keeping on top of, always felt clunky and inefficient.

Add into that the need to be on top of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements and I was delighted to come across a great company that have innovated a simple to use but really versatile system for small and medium sized staff teams of up to 250 called breathHR. I just wish I’d known about them when I was CEO in my previous role but that is the advantage of my role now supporting businesses as well as charities and taking the best from different sectors. It’s been an exciting journey to learn just how much there is to be shared in both directions.

In my own experience our team and the work of the organisation I was running had expanded and become more complex as the size of the workforce grew and became more diverse in the ways we were working. We had a rapid time of growth and initially our infrastructure wasn’t in place to keep up with how we needed to work. This is the case for many new and innovative organisations as they grow and utilise their creativity to meet need or provide a sought after service.

Overflowing and complicated spreadsheets can be so frustrating and when we also had timesheets coming out of our ears for part time or sessional staff even just doing our payroll became complex and time consuming. Especially when illness or other factors like occasional human error meant that corrections needed to be made.

So when I found out that the breathHR system was not only very affordable for businesses up to 250 employees but free for registered charities under 250 employees I only wish I had found out about it earlier. I’ve since discovered it is a market leader in what it provides and can manage all staff documents / contracts etc / annual leave absences and anything else that you need to manage the HR side of things as a line manager.

In leadership it also has a lot of helpful features. It can even help you schedule your one – 2 – ones. From the GDPR perspective it basically eliminates the need to use insecure or password protected Excel documents to try and track everything. It has an app all members of staff can use and as a cloud based system is ideal for remote and dispersed working teams too. With the GDPR Enforcement date: coming soon of the 25 May 2018 it is also reassuring to make sure all your staff documents are covered in a secure GDPR compliant system.

If you are interested you can visit the breatheHR website here:

You can use my link (above) to go to it and they provide a 14 day free trial (which will continue to be free if you are a registered charity) – but I also recommend you going on a short webinar they do every week – it takes about 30 mins and you get to see the database and what it can do. Let me know if you have any questions or I can help at all.