It has been said that the only way you know you are a leader is if you look back and you see people following. Effective leaders also make a difference evidenced by increased performance, motivation, and results in your organisation.

“Everything rises and falls on leadership”, John C. Maxwell.

Leading for Impact – Bespoke Development Programme

This course is designed to increase the awareness and skills of good leaders to make a real impact in your workplace. Through the use of theory and inspiration, it aims to equip the leaders of your organisation so that they will lead transformation that brings positive change in your performance. The performance model used is adapted to the needs to the client and learners so that embedded learning is put directly into practice in the workplace.

Course Design

This course is designed as a 3 day progression with the opportunity to put learning into practice in-between each day of delivery. Action planning and review will occur between each delivery with opportunity to feedback and develop a personalised action plan for the individual and within their role. The course is designed to engage different learning styles through a process of experience, reflection and active experimentation.

It can also be delivered as an intensive residential course with reflective and practice space and additional emphasis to enable the personal and organisational action plan.


“In this world of rapid change and discontinuities, the leader must be out in front to encourage change and growth and to show the way to bring it about.”


One Day Courses on Leadership

The following days on Leadership can be accessed independently of the above course and help to develop leaders and potential leaders to be skilled for the challenges they face and equipped to transform those they lead and work with.


  • Leadership and Management
  • Leadership and Values
  • Change Management
  • Leadership and Problem Solving


“A test of a leader is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency”


Bespoke courses can be mutually developed through consultation and discount taster sessions are available for new potential clients.