Often parallels are drawn that contrast a leadership style and a management style. Good management looks like leadership in many ways and a good leader can also manage people well.

Alastair Jones’s scientific background makes him ideal working in the technical contexts of Science, Tech and Digital environments and his young leader programmes over the past 20 years with the upcoming generation mean he has a rapport and positive approach with the Millennial workforce.

Essentials for Managers

Managing well and having an engaged staff team is the only way to create a culture that is productive and puts people first. This course is designed to help your managers with the skills and tools they need to ensure they can get the best out of themselves and their team.


Supervision and Appraisal Skills

Effective supervision and appraisal training is key for a performing and engaged staff team. Good practice of procedures for staff supervision and staff appraisal ensure the link between, management, staff development and effective performance. This course will enable individuals and managers to be equipped to view supervision and appraisal as an ongoing journey and not something that happens just once a year.


“Alastair Jones delivered Supervision and Appraisal Training for SCT’s managers.  It was clear, compelling and helped grow and solidify best practice for us as an organisation. The content he presented was accessible and focused, and the interactive elements of the training strengthened each manager’s understanding of supervisions by bringing the training to life and putting it into practice. I would highly recommend Alastair to any organisation.”

Steve Coles CEO Spitalfields Crypt Trust (SCT)


Coaching for Success

By giving managers understanding of a coaching approach they are able to help people be heard and receive development within their role and in future roles you will have within your organisation. This approach has been found in research to be sought by Millennials in the workforce. Allowing your organisation to be driven forward by the people within it as they are up skilled will bring success and growth to your organisation.