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Leadership Development for SME Business Leaders – Postponed Due to C-19

SME Leadership Series

Cadence Leadership is working in Manchester to deliver a series of 3 leadership courses each lasting a day to inspire SME business leaders to take the initiative in their roles.


Developing Millennial Workforce

Young Leaders Aren’t Just The Future Of Our Workforce – They Are The Present. There is nothing more exciting to me than untapped potential. A hidden resource that is yet to be fully realised is like a present under the tree at Christmas yet to be revealed. We may have a…


Free Leadership Consultation

Free Leadership Strategy Consultation Is leadership is a priority for you or your organisation right now? It has been frequently said that employers are not finding the leadership skills required in new recruits, but I have found those entering the employee market to be full of skills when given the…


Management Training

Often parallels are drawn that contrast a leadership style and a management style. Good management looks like leadership in many ways and a good leader can also manage people well. Alastair Jones’s scientific background makes him ideal working in the technical contexts of Science, Tech and Digital environments and his…